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Shutting down my Startup

Posted on May 17, 2023

The Why

Roughly two and a half years ago, I started a project called HackerCamp. I was really invested in this project but eventually, I lost interest and started procrastinating for months, which was a sign losing interest.

Recently I tried forcing myself to get the MVP out by September of 2023, hoping this would reignite the passion that initially drove me. But I'm clearly uninterested in the project; ergo, I have no choice but to stop wasting my time on it and do what my brain currently likes.

Spending all that time on HackerCamp didn't really feel enjoyable anymore, and I was just doing it for the sake of doing it. It took some time to accept this fact, I just wanted to be real about this, and I'm glad I made a decision.

The main goal of HackerCamp was to become a doorway for me to learn about startups and monetize it. While I did gain some valuable insights and knowledge, I fell into the age-old trap of not shipping the product - a quintessential startup misstep.

The need for an efficient security training platform is unquestionable. But I'm just uninterested in continuing to work on it. It's a job for someone else who's really passionate about this to take over.


I want to explore other things now, like for example AI. I can't help but obsess over Neural Networks all day long. The internals are mind-blowing to me.

And finally, I want to make more YouTube videos, so this break from HackerCamp will let me go in that direction.

"P.S. Thanks, y'all, for the support till now; I really appreciate it. And remember, it's not a failure; it's a pivot."

May 17, 2023

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