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I’m Suraj, 26 years young. I live in Bangalore, India. I’m generally curious about a lot of things, but currently my main passion is for solving hard problems and building businesses around them.

My journey so far, in order.

  • Started testing my physical capabilities from a young age. Played a good variety of sports.
  • Art was a thing in my life for a while, specifically pencil art.
  • Speedcubing became a hobby. My fastest record is 17.79 seconds.
  • Electronics opened my door toward technology (pun intended).
  • Got addicted to Computers. Mostly programming and exploring various disciplines like Security, Networking & Web.
  • Messed around with DAWs and Pianos for a couple of months.
  • Started freelancing as an independent Security Consultant.
  • Naturally got interested in Science & Math.
  • Played CTFs and Hackathons for a year.
  • Started a YouTube channel called PwnFunction ,197ksubscribers. Got a chance to learn Design and Motion Graphics.
  • Gravitated toward Philosophy to create a framework for living a life.
  • Found my new passion for finding solutions for hard problems and building businesses around them.
  • Started focusing on my longterm health with Nutrition and Training.
  • Got into Badminton.
  • First startup HackerCamp (failed).
  • Product and AI at ProjectDiscovery.
  • Currently obsessed with AI.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2023